Crowd Management

Agencies who have sporting or entertainment venues need to have a plan for crowd management under emergency circumstances.  These venues can be subject to common calamities such as a fire, but also can be targets for extremists or other people looking to cause the most harm.  TRG is prepared to teach techniques to help keep a crowd in place, as well as an orderly evacuation if necessary.  Most of these strategies also work with normal crowd management issues occurring on a regular basis, hence their everyday value.

Sporting Events

Entertainment Venues

Demonstrations, Marches and Rallies

Protests & Civil Disobedience

From peaceful assemblies to the more radical protests, police agencies must be prepared for all eventualities.  Large groups are easily influenced by protest leaders and the inherent anonymity in a crowd.  TRG will teach a step-by-step process that includes pre-planning, operational control, and having reasonable policies that strike a balance between maintaining safety without violating the protestors’ rights.  Lines of authority must be defined, along with many other facets of managing the often excited crowds.