Gloria Reyes has committed her career to public service, specifically in the criminal justice system. Her employment history includes successful tenures at the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s Office, Wisconsin Department of Justice, Madison Police Department, Madison’s Mayoral Office as Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and overseeing the City of Madison Racial Equity Initiative. In addition, she is the Cultural Competency Instructor for the Madison College Police Academy.

Reyes has extensive experience in solving public safety challenges through a community and racial equity lens. She has led a variety of initiatives involving restorative justice practices and deferred prosecution and has spent the last 20 years working with communities to find solutions to complex challenges and root causes of violence.

Reyes serves as President of the Madison School Board.  She has committed to ensuring that all children feel safe, bringing in her public safety experience to examine behavior policies and safety protocols in schools. Most recently Ms. Reyes was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Briarpatch Youth Services.

Ms. Reyes brings her extensive knowledge and experience to the community as the founder and owner of Reyes Public Safety, an organization innovating the use of inclusive strategies to engage diverse communities and incorporate them in public safety solution decisions. She believes that to have safe communities, there must be trust and transparency between communities of color and law enforcement. To that end, Reyes Public Safety works directly with law enforcement agencies with the goal of having culturally competent officers who can engage with the diverse communities they serve, while also working within an organization that provides for internal procedural justice, racial equity policies, and procedures and practices that support their work.