The Riseling Group is prepared to handle a wide variety of different types of investigations, audits or after action reviews within an organization or on behalf of an institution. TRG will act as an independent investigator or alongside a member of your management/investigation team. 

Human Resource Investigations


Ensuring your organization is selecting the very best person for your business, agency or institution is critical to your team's success.  TRG conducts employment and background inquiries, confirmations and investigations. Maintaining a well functioning work environment requires an absence of misconduct.  TRG specializes in sensitive human resource investigations concerning employee misconduct including sexual assault, harassment, stalking, fraud and theft.   TRG has several investigators who regularly manage Title IX complaints.  The TRG team consists of twelve seasoned investigators, all with law enforcement experience or law degrees.

After Action Reviews

After action reviews are helpful for an organization to conduct following a major incident, scandal, or event to see what went well and what may need improvement.  TRG has conducted a wide range of after action reviews following planned events, emergencies, unforseen occurrences, drills and high profile cases.  Depending on the type of review needed TRG has a variety of staff who can partner with your organization to meet your specific needs.     

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