Jerald Jansen - The Riseling Group

Senior Consultant

Chief Jansen has spent 28 years in law enforcement, 25 years in the Village of Shorewood Hills Wisconsin, the last eight of those years as Chief.  After retiring in 2004, he spent an additional three years as Assistant Chief at the University of Wisconsin–Madison Police Department, supervising the Planning & Development division.  This included managing the campus Infrastructure Security unit as well as the Emergency Management unit.

Chief Jansen served as the President of the Dane County Chiefs, served on the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police Association (WCPA) board for five years, was the President of the Wisconsin Police Leadership Foundation (WPLF) and was a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).  He also served as the Director of Emergency Medical Services for a Madison suburb.

Jerry earned his B.A. and M.S.S.W. in Social Work with a criminal justice emphasis at UW-Madison and worked concurrently for the Dane County (WI) Juvenile Court program for many years.  After retiring in 2007 from UWPD, Jerry continued to work for the Wisconsin Office of Justice Assistance managing a smaller police agency federal grant program for three years, and then moved to the Department of Corrections working on tracking non-compliant sex offenders.

Jerry has served as a consultant on various law enforcement issues including officer selection, campus security, executive selection, as well as federal Title IX and Clery Act issues.