Liz Feagles

Senior Investigator

Elizabeth Feagles spent her career with the Wisconsin Department of Justice, Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) as a Special Agent.    Following her graduation from the University of Wisconsin in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice, she was hired by DCI in May 1977, and assigned to the Narcotics and Vice Bureau.  Liz worked as an undercover narcotics and vice special agent in southeastern Wisconsin for seven years. In 1984, she transferred to the White Collar Crimes Bureau where she investigated fraud, embezzlement and government corruption.

In 1990, Liz transferred to the Special Assignments Bureau, where her primary duty was death investigations.  As a result of a particularly gruesome "whodunit" homicide, one of her cases was featured on A & E Cold Cases with Bill Curtis. Other cases included the deaths of Jeffery Dahmer and Jesse Anderson in a Wisconsin State prison, and the sexual assault of a blind woman, in which the woman was previously disbelieved by a local agency and charged with obstructing an investigation. The case went to trial and the offender was subsequently found guilty.

Liz was actively involved in the bi-annual Death Investigation School instructing local officers until she retired in May, 2007.  Following her retirement, Liz worked for the Dane County Medical Examiner’s Office for one year continuing in death investigations.  For The Riseling Group Liz is involved with investigations for attorneys, insurance companies, universities, and private citizens. She also develops and instructs various training programs.